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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Campervan Moisture Reduction: Put A Stop To Those Drafts!

by Keith Simpson

As the kids are going to be out of school for six weeks at the end of the year, now is the perfect time to start planning where you are going to take your new campervan to explore for the holidays. Buying a second-hand campervan was a great way to save on accommodation costs while you head away, but unless you take care of the current draft problem, you're going to end up in a moist, hot box with condensation running down the walls. Right now is the best time to address the problem, while you are still at home.

What's The Link Between Drafts And Condensation?

You may not consider a drafty campervan to be much of an issue, after all you're travelling in the summertime, but you'll be letting in extra hot air. The big problem occurs, however, once the hot air is inside the campervan and it cools.

As the hot air cools inside your caravan, it turns into tiny droplets of water. This water attaches itself to any surface it can find, and then pools into water you can see. These constant pools of water can lead to mould and mildew growth within your caravan if it is left untreated.

Where Is The Draft Coming From?

Any place where your campervan has had a hole cut in it is a potential draft area. Therefore, you need to look at all entrances, windows, extractor fans and ventilation hatches as a potential draft source.

If you cannot see any obvious cracks in the seals around these points that could be letting the air in, there is an easy draft detection test you can do. Purchase a pack of incense sticks and head inside your campervan. Light an incense stick and then blow it out so it emits a smoke trail. Hold the stick up to each window, door, extraction fan, and ventilation hatch. If the smoke wavers back and forth, or is sucked under the test point, then you have a draft that needs sealing.

How To Fix The Draft

The easiest way to seal a draft is to head down to your local hardware store to buy a flexible caulk sealant. You want a flexible sealant so it moves with the movement of your campervan, and you want a waterproof sealant to cope with any rain you might experience while away.

Apply the sealant to the inside and outside of each draft point, according to the instructions on the product. Allow it to dry, and then repeat the draft test. If sealant is not enough to prevent the draft issue you are experiencing, then seek additional advice from a campervan repairs expert.

Once you know your campervan is now draft-free, you can feel more confident about loading it up with all your favourite possessions and not have to worry about them getting wet from condensation while on the road this summer.