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Hi, my name is Angela, and as the wife of a mechanic, I was constantly tripping over car parts and complaining about the rows of project cars lining our garden. However, after a few years, I quit complaining and actually found joy in the art of auto repair. Inspired by that classic book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", I decided to start working on cars with my husband. This blog is the culmination of everything I have learned and more. I hope you enjoy reading it and that my tips and ideas guide you toward a healthier car and a happier, safer driving experience.


Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Common Questions About Smash Repairs for Vehicles

by Keith Simpson

Hopefully you will go your entire life without ever being in a car accident, but if one should happen, you want to ensure you do your homework when it comes to smash repairs for your car or truck. Quality repairs are needed to ensure your vehicle's safety as well as its appearance, but you also don't want to overpay for repairs. Note a few commonly asked questions about smash repair for vehicles and be sure to discuss these with your repair shop or insurance company so you know what to expect when repairs get done.

1. Why can't I handle my own smash repairs?

A minor dent or ding to the body of a vehicle is probably not very important to its overall performance, but many smash repairs actually affect the safety of your vehicle. As an example, airbags deploy when they sense vibration along the body of the car, and if you don't properly bump out and fix a vehicle's panels, these vibrations might be compromised. If you don't attach bumpers properly or fix their dents, they may fall off or fail to absorb the impact of a crash. Your car's appearance is important, but smash repairs affect your safety as well, so it's always good to have them done by a professional.

2. Should I get three quotes for repairs?

Typically, you're not required by law or by an insurance company to get multiple quotes for repairs, but even so, this can be a good idea. Some smash shops know that a person is simply eager to get their car back on the road without waiting or the hassle of comparing prices, so they may inflate their quote accordingly. Getting multiple quotes can help you to make the best choice for repairs, even if you're not really required to get those different quotes.

3. Why get updated about the smash repair process?

It can be good to get regular updates about the smash repair process, as the repair shop may find more damage than they expected once they begin taking your car apart. Some of those needed repairs may not be covered by insurance, and you will need to decide if you want to have them done. A smash shop might also notice other problems with your car that  aren't related to the accident and may recommend having those areas serviced at the same time. This can save you time from having to bring your car into the shop again and can keep you safer on the road.

For more information, contact a local auto shop that specializes in smash repairs