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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Warning Signs That Your Vehicle's Radiator Is Leaking

by Keith Simpson

The radiator is an integral component of your vehicle's engine because it works to reduce or eliminate high levels of heat and cool the whole engine system. This allows your car to operate or function at the perfect temperatures, providing you with a very smooth ride. Therefore, if your car's radiator develops an issue, it could leave you stranded in case your car overheats.

For this reason, it's important to have a basic knowledge on radiator troubleshooting because this can help you save on some money that you'd have otherwise spent on various diagnostics at the auto shop when your radiator seems to have a problem.

One of the major radiator problems is leakage and here are some of the signs that yours is leaking. 

Visible Leaking Fluid

This is the easiest way to detect a leaking problem with your vehicle's radiator. Keep an eye on your driveway or garage floor because you could spot a puddle of the leaking fluid, especially when the car has been packed for a while.

This is usually the coolant leaking, and while coolants might be available in an array of colours, a leaking fluid will typically have a slimy, bright green, pink, or orange colour. Therefore, if you experience such signs, your radiator should be checked right away.

Keep in mind that the leaking fluid is usually harmful to people as well as pets because of its toxicity. Therefore, remember to thoroughly clean up the puddles as soon as you can.

Sweet Smell

A sweet smell is also another feature of coolants. The sweet smell is usually the property of a component called antifreeze that's used in many car cooling systems. Therefore, once your vehicle starts and the engine heats up, this sweet smell may be felt if your radiator is leaking the coolant, which then drips on a hot part and burns with that smell.

Drastic Drop in Coolant Levels

Your coolant will drop naturally even when the radiator is not leaking. This is because it's being used for the cooling process and should therefore be replaced with time. However, you should be concerned if the drop is quick or unusual because this is an obvious sign that its leaking somewhere, which  is usually the radiator.

Frequent Overheating of Your Engine

The radiator is designed specifically to cool down your engine with the help of the coolant. Therefore, if your radiator is leaking, it will lead to high engine temperatures because the fluid that helps cool the engine, the coolant, is being discharged. A recurrence in engine overheats will indicate a radiator leaking problem.