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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

How to Prevent Freezing of Your Car Battery

by Keith Simpson

When the winter starts to approach, you may need to do some winterizing of your vehicle. An important area of the vehicle to get prepared for the cold temperatures is the battery. Your battery is at risk of freezing if the car sits for too long without being used and the battery doesn't get charged. Here are some tips for preventing freezing of the car battery.

Use a Battery Blanket

Even if you use your vehicle fairly often, parking it outside during below freezing temperatures can still put the battery at risk of freezing. It is most convenient to get a battery blanket and place it over the battery each day when you're done running errands. Place the wrap over and around the battery, then plug in the cord to the nearest wall outlet. While you can use an extension cord, you are better off p lugging it directly into a wall outlet. The cord should be fairly long, so just try to park in the driveway as close to an external outlet as you can get. The blanket will produce enough heat to prevent freezing of the battery fluid.

Don't Use Accessories Unless Completely Necessary

Many of the accessories in your vehicle can increase your risk of having a frozen battery in the winter since they use of some of the car's power. This will reduce the amount of power that is going to the alternator, which can help keep the battery from freezing when you are parked or driving around town. When your car is idling, turn off the radio and the heat completely as it shouldn't be needed. Try to reduce usage overall of the different accessories, from the radio to the GPS unit.

Take the Car in For Routine Maintenance

It helps to get your car battery and its connections inspected by a mechanic before the coldest weather hits. They will let you know if it is time for a new battery and what the condition of the posts and fasteners is. If these connections appear loose, the mechanic will either tighten them or request to have them replaced. Corrosion around the battery connections put it at a high risk for freezing, so this is important to get done at least once during the cold weather season.

Also make sure your car battery is charged routinely if you are going to leave the car in your garage or in a storage unit for the winter.