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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Intermittent Car AC Failure: Helpful Information You Need to Record

by Keith Simpson

One of the most challenging auto AC problems to fix is the intermittent functioning of the system when you are driving. However, there is some information that you can give the AC repair technician when you take your car for AC repair that can help with the repairs. This article discusses some of that important information.

Duration Of Your Trip

Note down the time that you spend driving before the intermittent AC failures begin. For instance, you may have noticed that the auto air conditioning system fails each time you drive for more than two hours without stopping. That information can enable the technician to look for an effective way to establish the cause of the problem without taking the car on a short test drive that will fail to make the problem manifest itself.

The Kind of Traffic

You should note down whether the AC fails only when you are driving on the highway or when you are driving in heavy traffic that requires you to stop and idle the car engine often. Such information can help the technician to judge whether the AC fails when it is being strained by heavy use, such as when you are driving in slow traffic.

Vent Effectiveness

You should also pay attention to the temperature of the air coming from the different vents in your car as the AC system fails. Note down the specific air vents that are quick to discharge warm air once the system fails. You should also note down the vents that are the last to stop discharging cold air when the intermittent system failure occurs. Your observations will help the technician to know whether it is a general problem (in case all the vents start discharging warm air at the same time) or a localised problem in one of the vents.

The State of the AC Control Panel

It may also be helpful if you note down whether the control panel of your car's AC system stays working during those intermittent system failures. This information may be helpful in identifying whether the cause of the problem is a defect in the electronic system of the car AC. For example, any flickering on the display may point to some loose connections within the electrical circuits linked to the AC system.

As you can see, the successful diagnosis and repair of your auto air conditioning system will only be possible if you work together with the auto AC repair technician. Take meticulous notes about your vehicle's AC system, and the task of repairing the system will be easier and probably less costly.