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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Manual Transmission Repairs: 2 Common Questions

by Keith Simpson

The transmission system has a great role to play in the proper functioning of any automobile. It is important for a vehicle owner to ensure that the transmission system in their automobile is in good working condition at all times.

With this in mind, vehicle owners need to be in a position to identify common causes of transmission system failure in a manual automobile and the possible remedies to these problems. A few of these problems are explained in question and answer format below.

What Are Some Common Problems Unique To Manual Transmission Systems?

Gear-engagement complications are among the most common transmission problem that a manual vehicle owner will often have to deal with. Sometimes, a manual transmission system will fail to engage into gear both when the vehicle's motor is running and when the motor is off. Manual vehicle owners should take this as an indication of an underlying problem within the internal structure of the transmission system.

At other times, a manual transmission system will only engage into gear when the vehicle's motor is operational. Should this be the case, vehicle owners should have the clutch in the transmission system checked.

It is also common for manual transmission systems to involuntarily jump out of gear while on the road. This commonly happens when the vehicle is being driven uphill or when the driver is decelerating. Common reasons for this problem include a loose or damaged gear shift lever cable, loose transmission mounts and/or worn out ball bearings. Loose and damaged shift lever cables should be tightened and replaced respectively, while loose transmission mounts should be restored to an intact state. Worn out ball bearings should also be replaced with new ones.

If the mentioned possible remedies fail to save the situation, there probably is a more serious internal problem with the transmission system.

Dealership Service Centre Or Local Auto Repair Shop For Manual Transmission Repairs?

The answer to this question will often depend on the specific circumstances of an individual vehicle owner. For example, dealership service centres are better than local auto repair shops in terms of the level skill and expertise that the technicians in a dealership service centre possess. The higher level of skill and expertise is explained by the fact that dealership service centres often have their technicians trained by the vehicle manufacturer.

On the other hand, having a manual transmission serviced at a local auto repair shop afford the vehicle owner an opportunity to interact and build a rapport with the mechanic or auto technician working on the automobile. This is often not possible at a dealership service centre.