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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

What You Might Easily Overlook About a Vehicle Safety Certificate in Queensland

by Keith Simpson

A vehicle roadworthy certificate is called a safety certificate in Queensland, and is needed for when you're selling a vehicle or renewing its registration. Getting the certificate is not necessarily difficult, but as a buyer or seller, or as the owner of a car whose paperwork you're looking to renew, you might overlook some factors about this certificate. Note a few of those here so you know your paperwork is in order no matter your reasons for needing this safety certificate.

What it covers 

The safety certificate includes a check of things that might obviously affect a vehicle's safety when on the road, including the condition of the tyres, brakes, and steering. However, you might not realize that the amount of rust on a vehicle might also be checked. Rust can be dangerous as corrosion allows parts to break away from each other or fail to perform when needed. A rusted bumper might more readily fall off in a collision or a rusted body might readily crumple and fail to protect a car's passengers.

Your car's windscreen and lights will also be checked. You may know that the brake lights would be checked, but may not think to ensure your headlights are in good working order as well. Be sure you know that all these things will be checked so you make needed repairs before spending money on a roadworthy test, only to fail to get your certificate.

Who needs the certificate

If you're selling a vehicle, you need to have the safety certificate in hand before you start negotiating with buyers. You cannot put the vehicle up for sale and then get the certificate; buyers also need to understand this, as it's the responsibility of the seller, not the buyer, to get that certificate before the vehicle is sold. If you're a buyer, never negotiate with someone who says they can promise to get the certificate once money is exchanged or delays producing it for any reason.

Getting the certificate for an unregistered vehicle

If your vehicle's registration has expired and you need a new safety certificate, you can actually drive your vehicle just to the location where you'll have it inspected. The vehicle must still be insured to be on the road and you should carry with you a registration application; this can be presented to any police who may pull you over because of not having a current license plate. Be sure you're taking a direct route to an authorized inspector as using the car for any other purpose when it's not registered can mean having it impounded.