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Hi, my name is Angela, and as the wife of a mechanic, I was constantly tripping over car parts and complaining about the rows of project cars lining our garden. However, after a few years, I quit complaining and actually found joy in the art of auto repair. Inspired by that classic book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", I decided to start working on cars with my husband. This blog is the culmination of everything I have learned and more. I hope you enjoy reading it and that my tips and ideas guide you toward a healthier car and a happier, safer driving experience.


Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Three Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

by Keith Simpson

When your car suddenly does not want to start or your truck breaks down, you lose a lot of time and energy trying to get a tow. Then the vehicle sits in a mechanic's shop until it has been repaired. Why go to all that trouble when you can just call a mobile mechanic? Here are some of the benefits associated with hiring a mobile mechanic.

Hire the Mobile Mechanic on Your Cell Phone

Using the internet connections on your smart phone, find a mobile mechanic close to your present location. Open his or her website and navigate to the hiring and scheduling page. Fill in your information and the information about your vehicle, as well as the location of the vehicle.

Provide the charge card information and click "enter" or "send." Within a few minutes you should receive a phone call from the mobile mechanic confirming your request for repairs and your location. The mobile mechanic will give you an estimated time of arrival if he/she is on the way, or if he/she is delayed with another repair job at the moment.

Skip the Towing Service

Since the mobile mechanic drives to your location to fix your vehicle, you never have to call a towing service. You simply find a safe place to sit and wait for the mechanic. If a towing service happens by and offers you a tow, REFUSE. Your mobile mechanic cannot find you or your vehicle if your vehicle is on the business end of a tow truck!

Your Vehicle Is Repaired the Same Day

In almost all instances, a mobile mechanic will be able to repair your vehicle on the same day as you scheduled the service. Only when the service has been scheduled late at night or very early in the morning are you likely to be waiting longer than a day. Most repairs are completed while you sit in the vehicle or while you are at work, at home, or shopping.

If you are fortunate enough to have your vehicle break down or stall while it sits in your driveway or is parked at work, then you can continue working and doing other things while the mechanic repairs your vehicle. If you are stuck on a stretch of road with other fast-moving vehicles, try to move your vehicle off the road as much as you are able. Stay with your vehicle as it is being repaired.