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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Vital Car Radiator Repairs That Need Immediate Attention

by Keith Simpson

The car radiator is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle. The radiator works to cool your engine and prevent overheating in the motor. Once the radiator is not working efficiently, you should repair it. Otherwise, you will end up with costly damages. Various elements could lead to the need for a car radiator repair. The article highlights when you should get experts to repair your car radiator.


Various problems could cause leaking in your car radiator. One cause of leaks is clogging in one of the radiator tubes. The clog causes pressure build-up from inside, leading to valve leaks. The radiator tubes could also leak when rocks or vehicle accidents create small holes on them. Flushing out the radiator is necessary to identify the leaks. 

The experts can repair minor leaks from punctured tubes. However, if the radiator has a lot of leakage problems, then replacement might be the best choice.


The radiator can experience two types of clogging. One is the build-up of debris on the face, and the other is debris build-up inside the tubes. As time passes, dirt can accumulate on the radiator face, causing restricted airflow. Spraying compressed air or water from the backside can clear the dirt on the front.

Clogging in the tubes is a result of natural dirt build-up in the coolant. It is not easy to remove the accumulated dirt. You will need expert help to disassemble and clean out the tubes. 

Thermostat Problems

When the radiator is not working right, the thermostat experiences a lot of pressure. That will cause it to stop working. Consequently, the valve inside the thermostat can get stuck in either a closed or open spot. If a faulty radiator causes clogging in the thermostat, opening it will be a problem. That leads to significant issues as the engine can overheat and breakdown. The best thing is to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Water Pump Issues

Rough debris accumulated in the radiator will cause damage in the water pump. Also, some plastic pump parts get damaged if the radiator does not cool the water before flowing through the impeller. Putting off radiator repair causes pieces of the impeller to break off and get in the way of the coolant flow. 

Don't Avoid Putting Off Repairs

A problem with your car radiator could affect your entire motor. That is because the radiator plays a vital role in your vehicle. If you do not want to end up with expensive repairs, find an auto repair shop as soon as you notice problems with your radiator.