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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Do You Have Problems with the Mass Airflow Sensor on Your Luxury Car?

by Keith Simpson

When you buy a high-end European car, you should expect it to last as long as possible and to be reliable. Yet still, some models are prone to issues, and one area of concern is often the mass airflow sensor. If you're having problems with your vehicle's fuel injection system, what do you need to know about the sensor and how can it be fixed?

Balancing Fuel Injection

Engineers include this type of sensor to help them determine how much air is actually entering the fuel injection system. This is critical to proper vehicle operation, and the sensor will usually send its information to the ECU for further action. If the volume of air is incorrect, then the computer can adjust it, so that the proper amount of fuel is always delivered on time to the engine.

Problems Arise

However, the sensor on this type of vehicle may fail and provide incorrect information to the ECU. If this happens, the engine will operate under low compression and may exhibit a variety of different symptoms. For example, you may find it very difficult to start the vehicle in the morning, or if you do, the engine may stall shortly after that. You may not have available power when you need to overtake a slower vehicle, or the engine may sound very rough when idling.

Narrowing It Down

Some people think that these issues are linked to a bad fuel pump or a different part of the injection system altogether. However, it may be that the mass airflow sensor has failed or could simply be in need of an overhaul or service.

Servicing the Sensor

If it's been some time since you took your vehicle in for a service, then a mechanic may need to have a closer look at this sensor. They will need to take it out carefully and have a look at its condition before using alcohol to wash any accumulated grime and dirt from the surface. It's very important to ensure that the sensor is completely clean and that it is dry before it is reinserted. Once it is reconnected to the engine, the mechanic will then be able to perform a road test to ensure that all of the previous problems have been eliminated.

Regular Service Is Important

Unfortunately, some vehicles are more vulnerable than others when it comes to mass airflow sensor problems. If you own a high-end European car, ensure that you service it regularly and that they pay special attention to the sensor. Learn more by contacting Mercedes car repair companies.