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Angela's Articulate Collection of Car Service Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Common Repairs After Rear-End Collisions

by Keith Simpson

According to statistics, nose-to-tail or rear-end collisions are the most common type of car crash in Australia, accounting for 31% of all automotive accidents. Notably, the severity of rear-end collisions can range from body injuries and totalled vehicles to minor structural damages. Unfortunately, most motorists glance at their cars and assume that everything is okay if they see minor scratches. However, a professional should assess and repair damages caused by rear-end collisions to prevent significant problems down the line. This article highlights the most critical auto repairs that mechanics often handle regarding rear-end collisions.

Wheel Alignment

When involved in a rear-end car collision, you should have the wheel alignment checked and repaired if necessary. It is particularly the case if a collision happens at an angle. Notably, the impact of a crash can damage various structures, such as the suspension system, which maintains a car's alignment. If the impact of an accident throws certain parts out of whack, you might feel a vehicle pulling to one side. In most cases, a misalignment is visible since the rear tyres look out of place, especially if the impact is significant. Once a mechanic determines that your wheel alignment is messed, they will address the issue to enhance car handling and prevent further accidents.

Rear Lights Repairs

Rear-end collisions can also cause electrical issues, mainly to the brake and taillights. Just because a crash left your vehicle with a tiny scratch does not mean that it is out of the woods. The reason is that the impact from rear-end collisions can cause electrical wires to the taillights to come loose. Besides, the last thing you want is driving at night with damaged brake lights. Doing so puts you at risk of serious road accidents since other motorists cannot see you braking in poor light conditions. Moreover, loose wires caused by rear-end collisions can strain the battery, causing it to die unexpectedly. Thus, the assessment and repairs of rear lights -- brake and taillights -- are mandatory after a nose-to-tail collision.

Trunk Damage

Most people think that damages to a trunk do not affect their ability to drive, but nothing could be further from the truth. For example, you cannot secure the door if you are involved in a rear-end collision, and the impact damages the trunk's lock system. Thus, the trunk door could pop open while driving, blocking your rear view. Moreover, highway burglars can easily access your trunk and steal your belongings, especially on busy highways or during traffic jams. The only way to prevent such scenarios is to ensure that your car's trunk is repaired immediately after a nose-to-tail collision.